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Project Lexi Brown Foundation was formed in order to continue Lexi's fight about making a difference in the lives of others, especially in the lives of families like ours, who have a child diagnosed with cancer. Learn where your support goes.  Our goal at Project Lexi Brown Foundation is to help families affected by childhood cancer.

Family Fun Times

One of our biggest blessings throughout the tough times was the friendships we made with other families.  We shared our frustrations, obstacles, and heartaches but we also celebrated our victories, triumphs and good times.  To be able to network among peers who may have gone through the exact same struggles and share what worked, and what did not, was truly another pair of shoulders to share the weight - for that we are so grateful.   

Our favorite times were events where we all came together to celebrate and laugh.  Our Family Fun Times are events we will host which bring local families, who have an angel or a current cancer warrior, together to smile, laugh and enjoy life while not thinking about the stress a diagnosis can bring.

Kids Making a Difference

While Lexi was admitted to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, she formed an unbelievable bond with the SAE Fraternity and several students attending UCLA.  They would stay only a few minutes between classes, while others may spend hours playing games with her depending on the amount of time available.Card games, board games, Legos, painting nails (even the FRAT guys), coloring, watching movies, etc.  Lexi lit up, she was silly, she was sassy and it was a joy to watch as forever friendships were formed.

Project Lexi plans to rally young adults, teenagers, and more to take the time to regularly visit children fighting cancer in the hospital.  Armed with "Hospital Go Bags", games and coloring books, we want to provide the tools for Kids Making a Difference in the lives of others.  After all, one never knows what may grow and flourish out of a sign on a hospital window!! 

Lexi earned her wings to Heaven while we were on an emergency flight from Lourdes, France to Los Angeles.  One of our stops to switch planes and crew, as well as have full oxygen tanks, was in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada).  As we were about to start down the runway, Lexi took a turn for the worse and we were sent by ambulance to McMaster Children's Hospital. During our brief stay, the staff including doctors, nurses and social workers went above and beyond to care for both Lexi and us. They contacted the local church to have the clergy visit, placed two beds together so we could sleep with Lexi and never leave her side, made a plaster hand mold of our hands minutes before she passed, gave us Canadian money to purchase a meal, arranged for a photographer to take professional afterlife photos, connected us to a loving mortuary and spent hours counseling and listening to stories we shared about Lexi's life!!  We will never be able to thank the hospital and funeral home enough for the out pouring of generosity and kindness they showed to our family. 

We will be combining several of those items into a Book of Life (Angel Kit) for local hospitals, hospice care, or families who may face the devastation of losing their child.  While our hearts may never completely mend, we have so many precious items to keep close to us in Lexi's Book of Life - together in one place.

Book of Life (Angel Kit)

This is what we do

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