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"I am so lucky.  I have cancer, but I am so lucky!"

These are the words Lexi Brown spoke as she was making her final walk through the hallways of City of Hope Hospital. She was being released after a complete re-section of her upper left thigh to remove a Fibroblastic Sarcoma - cancer of the soft tissue.  She was going door to door giving away approximately 16 helium balloons to the other children who were also battling cancer but were remaining in the hospital.  

Early on in her journey, we often talked about how there were other children who were sicker than her.  She was ready to "fight like a girl" and put the whole battle behind her and never look back. She believed and lived that mantra until the day she earned her wings to Heaven in May of 2016. 

Lexi wanted to make a difference in the lives of other families and children who were also diagnosed with cancer.  Due to the community and the generosity of others, we are continuing her fight in making her hopes and dreams into reality. Together, with your help, we will support families and children diagnosed with cancer one step at a time.



About Project Lexi

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